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Brad Erlandson

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, NCC

Author . Inspirational Speaker . Marathon Handcyclist

"Walking This Walk," How hard places force us to determine who we are and what we really believe. by Brad Erlandson Walking This Walk is the story of one man's journey from darkness to light, the challenges of rightly dividing the Word of God, and discerning God's will for his life. Brad Erlandson, in the course of telling his life story, urges us to examine our own faith and doctrine, drawing upon the book of Job and Paul's prison epistles, as well as prominent Christian writers. Erlandson shares his own struggles in the face of calamity, having been struck by a drunk driver in 2002, resulting in the spinal cord injury which left him in a wheelchair. Through all the physical and emotional pain, his quest for knowing and loving God through Jesus Christ has continued, as well as his call to teach and share the Word of God with others. 
The issue of faith, what it is and how it works, is not only a hot topic, but is of great importance in this day and age. Many claim that true faith is a means to an end, and that end usually has to do with greater health and wealth. It is true one may have great faith, money in the bank and perfect health. On the other hand one may suffer and be poor by the world's standards, yet still have great faith and be rich in God's economy. True faith is about a deepening relationship with God. In these pages the author looks at four men of faith in the Old Testament, traces their walk of faith and shows how modern man can expect the same dynamic walk. They went through great trials, suffering pain and setbacks but still held onto God and His plan for their lives. God has a great plan for our lives as well, and we can walk out that plan by applying the same faith. As you read you will become familiar with these four figures. They heard from God and what they heard was tested and proved. They all came out on top because they held on during the storms of life. If your faith has been tested in any way, this book is for you. It will encourage and enlighten you as you do your best in this life to "walk by faith and not by sight."
On April 26, 2002, my life changed. On my way home from work, I was struck head-on by a drunk driver and paralyzed from the waist down. Everything changed in that moment. I wrote about my life before and after the crash in my first book, published in 2007. So much has happened since. My goal is to help us all to see there is value in suffering. It is one of the main ingredients that will enable us to be better people. I talk about myself, as well as others, who found strength in hard times. My hope is that when you read, you enter into the experience, reflect, and find hope. There is a purpose for the pain you are going through. Brad Erlandson has an earned BA in Theology, from Toccoa Falls College, an MA in Religion from Liberty University, an MS in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix, and a Professional Specialization in Mental Health from Oakland University. He is in private practice and resides north of Atlanta with his wife and her horses.
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